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Mapversa’s 3D Maps incorporate detailed modeling of city buildings including features such as height, number of floors, footprint area and materials.

Typical industry users:

  • RF network design (Telecom)

  • Virtual tours (Travel & Tourism)

  • Site planning and valuation (Real Estate)

  • Emergency Response Mapping/City planning (Govt/Municipal Agencies)

  • Flight Simulation (Airport Authorities)


Our 3D Maps are compatible with any 3D planning and visualization software like ESRI ArcGIS, Google Earth, Aircomm, Atoll, TEMS CellPlanner, etc.

India (Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore – CBD/downtown areas and all buildings higher than 4 floors across cities)

If you need a 3D city model for an area not listed above, please contact us to schedule a custom 3D mapping project.

Data Source:
High resolution satellite imagery, GPS camera surveyed and validated (upon request)


Layers available:

Standard Version:

Realistic Building Shape, Address, Height (number of floors), Area, Material, Category


Lite Version:
Building point – No Actual Shape (only Lat/Long value in Earth Co-ordinate), Address, Height (number of floors)

Associated products:
RF Maps

Street Maps


Infotel Broadband (RIL)



MapVersa (India)
Yesh Tiwari
General Manager
Fax: 858.408.1997
Mobile: +91 (90) 52211668


MapVersa (USA)
Cassandra Huffman
Managing Director
Tel: 858.300.5513
Fax: 858.408.1997

3D Maps
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