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Annova Technologies is now L1 Technologies Solutions


HYDERABAD, INDIA – L1 Technologies, Inc is proud to announce Annova Technologies Private Limited has officially become L1 Technologies Solutions Private Limited. On May 15, 2012, the Government of India – Ministry of Corporate Affairs affirmed this change. In 2010, Annova Technologies was acquired by L1 Technologies, Inc. (a USA based corporation) to expand its global offerings and create cost-saving synergies across corporate divisions. “As L1 continues to move into new market segments globally, I’m pleased...

Mapversa launches 5-Meter RF Maps for 538 cities in India


San Diego – Mapversa, a division of L1 Technologies announces the release of 5-Meter RF Maps for 538 cities in India. This achievement makes Mapversa as the first choice for acquiring the most recent map data sets for any city/town in India. “Our attitude of expanding and improving our map data sets will once again benefit all our Telecom customers by adding these 538 cities in our repository” said Santosh Nandi. “Telecom operators will now have the opportunity to acquire the map data even on a subscription...

Mapversa launches 3D City maps of Mumbai and Delhi


San Diego – Mapversa, a division of L1 Technologies is pleased to announce the release of 3D City maps of the Central Business District (downtown areas) for Mumbai and Delhi. These 3D maps have been created from “single satellite imagery” using Mapversa’s proprietary 3D mapping tool set. “Our biggest challenge to date with 3D maps has been the affordability, and we did it”said Santosh Nandi. “Our 3D maps are going to make life simple for the engineers as they will not be required to go to rooftops in cities...

Mapversa launches 15m RF Maps of India (2010 Vintage)


San Diego – Mapversa, a division of L1 Technologies is excited to announce the release of 15-Meter RF Maps for entire India (2010 Vintage). Based on the feedback from our current Telecom customers, this map data set was critical for them to do nationwide wireless planning and network optimization. “We are the first company to release a ‘J&K to Kanyakumari’ seamless coverage of 15-Meter RF Map data set” said Santosh Nandi. “This data set comes with a set of 17 feature classes, enabling the users to do a...

L1 Technologies re-brands its geospatial division as Mapversa


San Diego – L1 Technologies proudly announces the re-branding initiative of its GIS division providing the following geospatial data solutions into a single entity to be known as Mapversa: RFversa – High precision 3D and RF map data for Telecom Planning ( Mapversa – Street and PINcode data ( IMaps – Web-based Geo-intelligence framework ANNOVA – GIS services ( The new branding comes during an exciting time for L1 Technologies. “Mapversa will continue to move...

ANNOVA Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is acquired by L1 Technologies, Inc.


Hyderabad, India – ANNOVA Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been acquired by L1 Technologies, Inc., a US based Leading Technology Provider of diverse technology solutions to several industries. This acquisition brings together two entities with complementary market strategies and product offerings. L1 Technologies is a corporation known as an innovator in GPS/positioning technologies, mobile navigation platform, wireless communications and software solutions. For ANNOVA, the acquisition by L1 Technologies provides a long-term business...

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