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Remote Sensing


Mapversa, having worked with many commercially available satellite data products including IKONOS, QuickBird, SPOT, ASTER, IRS and Landsat, has extensive expertise in satellite image interpretation and processing.

  • Land use/land cover/clutter (wireless) data mapping

  • High-resolution urban mapping

  • Crop classification from High and Low resolution imagery

  • Forest density mapping and species level forest mapping

Geospatial Data Management

Through GIS data conversion, migration, maintenance and mapping services, Mapversa provides multiple industries and governments with accurate, high-quality geospatial data to improve the way they conduct business.  Our team has expertise in:

  • Data Conversion, Data Conflation and Data Migration

  • Change Detection Mapping

  • Parcel Mapping/Cadastral Mapping/Golf CourseMapping

  • Data Maintenance

Geocoding Services

Mapversa provides custom geocoding services per customer specifications and requirements using a set of tools ranging from batch geocoding (proprietary geocoding software) to manual intervention geocoding. Our team has expertise in:

  • Appending latitude/longitude to an address

  • Address standardization

  • Address categorization

  • Appending PINdex +4

Customized GIS Application Development

Mapversa uses platform independent and open source technologies to build customized geospatial software applications. Using our IMAPS map engine, custom applications can be quickly developed to satisfy most requirements.

  • Web mapping services

  • Mapping and maintenance tool set

  • Business GIS applications

  • Location based (LBS) applications

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