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ANNOVA Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is acquired by L1 Technologies, Inc.


Hyderabad, India – ANNOVA Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been acquired by L1 Technologies, Inc., a US based Leading Technology Provider of diverse technology solutions to several industries.

This acquisition brings together two entities with complementary market strategies and product offerings. L1 Technologies is a corporation known as an innovator in GPS/positioning technologies, mobile navigation platform, wireless communications and software solutions.

For ANNOVA, the acquisition by L1 Technologies provides a long-term business partner with a successful track record, solid financial backing, and a global footprint. ANNOVA will leverage this organizational infrastructure to further penetrate key vertical markets, and to expand its geodata solutions on a global scale. This acquisition provides growth and further diversification to L1 Technologies’ business and strategic initiatives. Together, ANNOVA and L1 Technologies can provide deeper, richer geodata and LBS solutions that improve margin gains and productivity for its customers.

ANNOVA will operate as the Geo-spatial division of L1 Technologies with Santosh Nandi, co-founder of ANNOVA, assuming the responsibility of General Manager. “I look forward to being a part of this new chapter in ANNOVA’s history, because it allows us to bring new solutions into new markets, and to accelerate growth opportunities for our products and services on a global scale” said Mr. Santosh Nandi.

About ANNOVA Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Annova Technologies has been in the forefront of GIS technology for many years now. Annova Technologies under its brand name “RFVersa” is a leading provider of RF Maps and Geodata for telecom network planning in India. Our high quality RF Maps enable network planning to be more seamless and accurate. For more information, please visit

About L1 Technologies, Inc.

L1 Technologies Inc., founded in 2003 and headquartered in San Diego, California, is a leading provider of technology content and services for the Location Based Industry. L1 maintains a diversified IP portfolio in four primary market segments: M2M Intelligence, Golf Location Solutions, Vehicle Telematics and GeoData Solutions.. For more information, please visit

For additional details, contact:
Santosh Nandi, General Manager | GIS Division
L1 Technologies, Inc
Phone: (858) 300-5513 x 2384



Tel: 858.300.5513
Fax: 858.408.1997


MapVersa (USA)
Cassandra Huffman
Managing Director
Tel: 858.300.5513
Fax: 858.408.1997


L1 Technologies, Inc.
530 B Street
Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92101
Tel: 858.300.5513
Fax: 858.408.1997


L1 Technologies Solutions
Plot No: 53, # 2-1-40/53
1st Floor, Rajnagar Colony
Uppal, Hyderabad - 500 039
Tel : +91 (40) 27209869

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