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Mapversa launches 3D City maps of Mumbai and Delhi


San Diego – Mapversa, a division of L1 Technologies is pleased to announce the release of 3D City maps of the Central Business District (downtown areas) for Mumbai and Delhi. These 3D maps have been created from “single satellite imagery” using Mapversa’s proprietary 3D mapping tool set.

“Our biggest challenge to date with 3D maps has been the affordability, and we did it”said Santosh Nandi. “Our 3D maps are going to make life simple for the engineers as they will not be required to go to rooftops in cities (like Mumbai and Delhi) anymore.”

Our first user of the 3D maps will be Infotel Broadband Servcies LTD., the future Long Term Evolution (LTE) based High Speed 4G Wireless Broadband service in India. Infotel is a Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). Furthermore, Airtel has shown keen interest in acquiring our 3D maps for the top 6 metro cities in India.

About Mapversa

In November 2010, L1 Technologies acquired Annova Technologies for their extensive knowledge and expertise in geospatial products and services, as well as their proprietary map data of India. Subsequently Annova Technologies was renamed Mapversa and became a division of L1 Technologies. Mapversa’s products and services compliment L1′s corporate objective to offer a complete geospatial solution to related industries throughout the world. For more information, please visit

For additional details, contact:
Santosh Nandi, General Manager
Mapversa Division | L1 Technologies Inc.
Phone: (858) 300-5513 x 2384



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MapVersa (USA)
Cassandra Huffman
Managing Director
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